We’ll compare the differences in our popular monitoring products, and help you to make the best decision.
SPYERA for mobile gives you two versions to choose from — PREMIUM, and PREMIUM PLUS.

This version offers enough features to satisfy most monitoring needs.
With PREMIUM you are able to do things like remotely monitor chat apps, SMS messages, email, photos, videos, and more.

This version gives you all the PREMIUM features as well as letting giving you the ability to do some powerful things unique to SPYERA like

Record phone calls
Intercept live phone calls
Listen in on the phone’s surroundings
Record calls made in popular chat apps like Facebook
Discreetly turn on the phone's camera and snap a photo or video and more.

How to see the full differences list on the product page?
On the products page scroll down to the pricing section.
You will see pricing for Premium and Premium Plus
Just under the pricing column for each version, there is a button called "Show Features"
Click both buttons for both versions. You will see a comparison table.

See the screenshot below

SPYERA Premium vs Premium Plus

How to see the full features list for each version?
See a full list of the features page: https://spyera.com/features
On the top of the page, click the device/platform you are going to use.
All features will be filtered for the selected device/platform.
Features that available for Premium PLUS has "PLUS+" note.

See the screenshots below

SPYERA Premium Plus Features on Features Page
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