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How do I install SPYERA?

Installation is made directly to the target device (the device you wish to spy on).
You don't install anything to your own device at all.

You need to have the target device physically in your hand for about 5 minutes.

Remote installation is not possible!

Installation is simple. You simply open up a web page on the target device and enter your code to download.

The installation manual is available in more than 50 languages.

We provide step by step user-manual with screenshots for every step.
You will receive user-manual, download URL, username, password and Activation Code after purchase.

To give you the idea about installation, this is a quick 5 steps of installing.
Please note that the actual guide is very detailed and has screenshots for all steps.

Here is the step by step basic guide about installation.

Please note that detailed guide with screenshots is available in your web account after purchase. To access detailed guide login to your web account and click the HELP section.

After a successful purchase, you will receive a welcome email. Your welcome email contains your login credential and web account login URL.
Login to your web account.
Click HELP section on the left upper. If you are using a mobile phone or small screen devices there will be menu toggle. Click the toggle and menu will dropdown. On the menu click HELP section. See this screenshot
HELP on Small Screens

In the HELP section click -> User Manuals -> Installation Guide
You will find step by step guide and pre-installation configurations and download URL
By entering download URL the install will begin automatically.
Once installation complete you will need to enter your activation code and click activate it.
Installation completed.

You no longer need the target device. You can change the settings and control some aspects of the target device itself, on your web portal.

If the target user has a pin code on the sim card, you can take the sim card off and use another sim card during installation.
Once you complete installation you can put back the original sim card.
The installation process is a little different for iPhone/iPad which must be jailbroken first and you need to use Cydia to enter your download URL.
If you already purchased SPYERA, please log in to your web account and click HELP section for user-manual which includes screen-shots of every step.
If the target phone has security code which blocks you to navigate on target phone, there is no way to install it as you have​ to be able to ​navigate on the menu for installation.

If you have any problem with installation please contact us and provide step number, including details of the problem.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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