Uninstallation and deactivation can be done either directly from the target device or remotely in your web account dashboard, from Help menu on the left panel, then navigate to Device Settings > Device Controls.

Note that Deactivation will delete all logs in the account.

If you remotely Uninstall first, you can remotely Deactivate after
If you remotely Deactivate first, you cannot remotely Uninstall
It is possible to Uninstall without Deactivating your account. This would save all data logs in the account until either Deactivated or re-installed at a later time.

If the software is Uninstalled but not Deactivated, it can be reinstalled to the same device at a later time and start capturing again. *You will need to re-Activate your License Key again. If using the same License Key, new records will be captured to the same account and all records are kept from both periods.

If the software is Installed but Deactivated (or not yet Activated), the app can be Activated or Uninstalled directly from the target device only.

Detailed and step by step deactivation and uninstallation user manual can be found in your web account HELP section.

Your license must be Deactivated before it may be installed onto a different device. If re-installing using a different license, the first license must be Deactivated first.

A single license may only be active on a single computer at a time.
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