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Is SPYERA detected by anti-virus?

We are changing the method and the algorithms of SPYERA daily, and it will not be detected by any anti-virus or security apps.

Most mobile security apps are 'amateur-ware', and it does not update any signature definition, and we don't think there are any significant resources behind them. This means that beyond the 15 mins of fame, security apps will never be able to guarantee the detection of SPYERA.

Our security app specialists download and analyse the most popular security apps daily.
Can they claim the same? They would have to purchase daily copies of SPYERA to have a chance.

Moving on from the technical stuff, testing our software with all existing security apps is impossible as they are tons...

In case of detection by an Anti-virus, DISABLE the AV program temporarily, Install SPYERA and Re-Enable the AV or add SPYERA to the list of allowed applications.

We recommend installing SPYERA on a rooted phone for Android devices. SPYERA will work in FULL mode on the rooted phone; no security app can stop it.

Updated on: 02/04/2023

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