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Do I need Internet Data Plan / Wi-Fi?

To use SPYERA you must make sure the TARGET device is compatible, even before installing the software.
This means checking to see if the TARGET device has a SIM card inserted and access to the internet, using either wifi or mobile data.
Both of these are needed to make sure you can download, install and activate SPYERA successfully.

SPYERA requires a SIM card to activate the software

SPYERA requires an active SIM card or CDMA phone service which includes Internet access to install and activate the software.
If the TARGET device does not have a SIM card inserted at the time of installation and activation, simply insert your own SIM card to the TARGET device to activate the software and complete installation.

SPYERA requires an internet connection to activate the software and upload captured data

After activation, SPYERA monitors all activities and uses an Internet connection to report this data into your web account.
The Internet connection can be provided by a 3G/4G data subscription or via a local area Wi-Fi connection.
This information is reported according to a schedule you can select, with either real-time or less frequent and configurable reporting.

You may also choose to connect to the Internet using only 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or both.
If the target user connects to Wi-Fi every day at home, school or work, for example, it may be possible to avoid using the phone’s 3G/4G data entirely.

Internet access is required to report your monitored data logs, although Spycall (listening live to the phone’s surroundings) and Intercept Call (listening live to actual phone calls) do not require Internet service at all.

SPYERA requires phone service for spycall, call intercept and remote SMS commands

Spycall and Intercept Call features use only regular phone service. These can be used even when all logging and reporting features are turned off, or if no Internet service is available. Furthermore, remote SMS commands that you send from the MONITOR phone, will require the TARGET device has phone service and can send and receive SMS messages, to send an acknowledgment SMS back to the MONITOR device.

Updated on: 26/10/2019

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