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How much Internet data does SPYERA use?

This depends on which activities you choose to monitor and the amount of activity the target user generates. An Internet connection is required for uploading logs from the target phone to the web account. The software will use Wi-fi if available. Otherwise, it will use network internet, which will cost the same as a typical internet plan.

Will SPYERA cause a noticeable increase in internet data use?
SPYERA uses no bandwidth as it runs quietly in the background, waiting only to capture the activity you’re monitoring. Most text-based logs, such as call logs, chats, browser URLs, etc., use little data to be uploaded into your web account. But if, for example, you’re also capturing lots of pictures, video clips or audio, this type of media can amount to much more data for a very active user.

How can I set up SPYERA to capture the data I need without causing suspicion?
You can selectively choose those activities you want to monitor and turn off capturing for things you don’t need. You can capture GPS locations more frequently or less frequently and change any of these settings remotely from your control panel.

A report timer determines when to make an Internet connection to upload your data, which is also fully configurable. It can report in real time or by a schedule you choose. Less frequent reporting means fewer Internet connections.
Additionally, SPYERA may also use Wi-Fi access to upload the data. Even better, you may configure the report timer to use Wi-Fi only. For example, if the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network at home, work or school every day, you may not need to use any data from the mobile carrier plan.

The bottom line is that SPYERA uses only as much Internet as necessary to report the data you’ve chosen to capture. If the target user has 100 megabytes of pictures, audio and video clips you’re capturing, reporting this media will take just that much data.

But SPYERA is also fully configurable regarding how often the Internet is used, which apps and activities are tracked, and whether it should use mobile data, Wi-Fi only or both.

All your price plans will be the same as when you did not have the software. The software is installed on the device and does not change your network price plan.

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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