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Why did my order fail?

If you are facing a payment error while trying to purchase a new license, please go to the --> CASE 1

If you faced an error while you were trying to renew your existing license/subscription, please go to the --> CASE 2

Using a VPN may cause a payment failure. You can temporarily disable the VPN before the payment.

CASE 1: Initial Payments

There are a few possible reasons that may cause an order to fail.
Please make sure that all the conditions below are fulfilled.

Make sure that you have enough balance in your account.
Make sure that your card is still valid.
Your account should be enabled for electronic shopping.
Are there any additional security steps, such as 3D security? If yes, you must provide the 3D code, which you will get by SMS, or approval from your credit card company mobile app during the payment.
BTC payments should be completed within 5 minutes. 5 confirmations are required.

How to fix the wrong amount on the checkout page?

Check the "Your order" section on the checkout page. There might be redundant orders or items. You can delete redundant or duplicated items there.

Your Order (Prices may differ by time, currency or by chosen product)

Not fixed? No problem; delete the browser history/cache and then retry to place an order.

Emails don't match the error

You can just delete the browser history/cache and then retry to place an order.

Error Message "Email already registered."

If you get this error, it means that you had already subscribed to a SPYERA subscription in the past.

1) If you already have your billing system login credentials, please visit this link and log into your account

2) Open a new tab and go to this link to purchase a license while you are logged in to your SPYERA billing account.

If you don't know your billing system credentials, please visit this article to see how to reset your login credentials.

CASE 2: Renewal Payments for existing subscriptions and licenses

2.1 Sorry, we are unable to process the payment
Make sure that your card is still valid.
Make sure that fund is sufficient.
While everything is OK with your current card, if you still get this error message, please try to pay with another card.
Please feel free to contact us if that doesn't help, though.

2.2 No Pay button
Please wait a few days for the renewal order to be created by the system, or contact us to manually make a pending order.

2.3 Wrong Amount of Renewal Order

This issue rarely happens.
By default, our prices are in USD.
If you are using another currency for a SPYERA subscription, the renewal payment amount may change over time.
However, if there is a vast difference that cannot be associated with the currency difference, please don't try to pay for the renewal of your subscription and directly contact us with a screenshot of your renewal order.

See the available payment methods

Updated on: 02/04/2023

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