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How to listening or recording ambient?

Ambient listening is listening phone's surroundings like the conversations in the room, the conversation around the phone etc.

There are two options to listen to the phone's surroundings.

Option 1 - Recording Method (Easy Method)
Record the surrounding sound, and upload to your web account. This method works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices and works on all iPhone and iPad devices.

Option 2 - Make a Hidden Phone Call (Difficult Method)
Make a regular phone call from your pre-defined monitoring number to the target phone. Works on rooted Androids, iPhone and iPad that has a sim card.


This is the easiest way and we recommend this option.

1- Login to your web account.
2- Click "Ambient" on the left menu
3- Check the top-left section. You will see "Record" and "Schedule" buttons.
4- Click record to start ambient recording immediately or schedule a record for later.

The recording will automatically start per your settings and recorded sound files will be upload to your web account.

Important Notes About Recording Method
- Recording ambient more frequently will create too many big files and drain the battery quickly.
- Use this feature only in suspicious times and only when you really need it.
- Sound files have large KB size, it might be uploaded to your web account later than other events.


This is the difficult way. Use this method only when you really know how it works.

Firstly, you need to define your own phone number as a monitoring number.

How to define the monitoring number?
Login to your web account.
Click Data
Click Live Listening
Click "Set Monitor Number" and enter your own number to here.

Wait until the next connection, your monitor number should be displayed in the same section.

Now when you make a regular phone call from your pre-defined number to the target phone number, your call will be hidden and will be answered automatically by SPYERA. You will be able to hear anything around the target phone.

Important Notes About Hidden Call Method
- Do not block Caller ID when making a call for ambient listening from your predefined monitor number.
- Calls through a PBX, calling cards, Skype and other VOIP Internet clients, etc. usually will not work.
- You should mute your mic from your monitor phone to avoid possible detection, or you should remain completely silent during the listening.

Ambient listening calls are normal network phone calls to the target, which SPYERA automatically answers without ringing or vibrating, without showing any Caller ID and without keeping any records in the call logs.

Ambient listening works in all countries on all networks.

Updated on: 20/07/2019

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