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How to listening or recording live phone calls?

Call Tapping/Intercept Call (Listening to live calls) is offered with SPYERA Smartphone version, allowing you to listen to actual calls as they are happening.

There are two ways to listen to phone calls.

Recording all phone calls automatically and deliver to your web account as the sound files.
Call Interception, joining live calls in real-time by using call conference technic.

1- Recording Phone Calls Automatically - Easy method

This is a much easy way to listen to phone calls. It works on all networks in all countries. We recommend this method.

SPYERA will record every phone calls automatically. Then it will send recorded phone calls to your web account. You just need to log in your web account and listen to sound files on your web account.

This method can be enabled for all connecting calls, only numbers in the phone book, not in the phone book, or up to 10 specific phone numbers you add to the watch list.

Here are the steps...
Login to your SPYERA web account.
Click Call on the left side
Click Tools
Enable Call Recording
Set Audio Recording Source (For Android devices only)
Set Call Recording Watch List

Set Audio Recording Source
An audio source must be chosen for Call Recording to work. You can try any method available, but not all methods work equally on all devices. If you are having problems recording both sides of the conversation, try a different method.

Call Recording Watch List
If you only want to record conversations between your Target phone and specific contacts, select only the first option "Record in Watch List".

Then enter up to 5 specific phone numbers to trigger call recording. The numbers should be entered in international format. This is the plus sign (+) followed by the country code and full phone number, such as +17135551212 for a US phone number.

If you want to record all conversations with all connecting numbers, select these options:
-Record Unknown Numbers
-Record Numbers In Address Book
-Record Number Not In Address Book

These three options will cover all incoming and outgoing calls.

Click "Sync Now" to send changes to the Target phone. Allow up to 1 hour for changes to take effect​.

Recorded calls will be uploaded to your account. You can find the recorded call on the left side in Calls category.

2- Call Interception - Difficult Method

Call conference must be enabled on the network for this method

With SPYERA you can receive alerts by SMS when a call is connected to the target phone. If you then place a call from your predefined phone number it will become an Intercept Call and you will automatically join the live conversation in progress. Any call you place from your predefined phone number to the Target during a live call will be an Intercept call.

SMS alerts can be enabled for all connecting calls, in the phone book, not in the phone book, or up to 10 specific phone numbers you add to a Watch List.

You can set up this method by login to your web account click Live Listening-> Set Monitor Number

Note: Call Intercept calls are otherwise normal network phone calls to the Target, which SPYERA automatically answers without ringing or vibrating, without showing any Caller ID and without keeping any records in the call logs. Please MUTE the mic from your Monitor phone to avoid possible detection.

Do not block Caller ID when making an Intercept Call from your predefined Monitor number, or SPYERA will not recognize you and it will act like a normal phone call. Also, calls through a PBX, calling cards, Skype and other VOIP Internet clients, etc. usually will not work. This is because the Caller ID is either unavailable or unpredictable. SPYERA can’t make a match with the predefined Monitor number unless Caller ID is both available and reliable.

Intercept call requires conference calling (3-way calling) and call waiting enabled on the target service account.

Intercept Call feature currently works on GSM networks only (ATT/T-Mobile/Others). CDMA networks (Sprint/Verizon/Others) will not patch the incoming 3rd party call correctly.

We recommend method 1 for CDMA network

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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