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How to setup monitoring number and SMS alerts?

SMS alerts are receiving by pre-defined monitoring ( Your own number ) number.

SMS Alerts are:
Sim change alert (You receive when the target has a new sim card)
The call started alert ( You receive when the target device makes or gets a call)

Firstly, you need to define your own phone number as a monitoring number to get alerts.

IMPORTANT: Do not enter the target phone number anywhere! This is not required at all! If you enter the target phone number, the target user will get these alerts! The MONITOR phone is your own phone that you must have physical access to. It does not need to have SPYERA installed on it.

How to define the monitoring number?
On your web account. Click Live Listening on the left side
Click Set Monitor Number
Click SYNC Now

How to change the pre-defined phone number?
You can always check what the current minoring number on your web account is. If you cannot see the correct number just enter a new number and click SYNC Now button.

The MONITOR number is the phone that you use to perform call intercept or spycall.

After you have set up the MONITOR number, it will work as follows:

If there is an incoming or outgoing call from a number on the watchlist, an SMS will be sent to this phone of an incoming or outgoing call.

When you receive this SMS you can call the TARGET phone and you will be able to listen to the call as a call intercept.

You can call the TARGET device from this number to perform spycall.

You set up the MONITOR number from your online web account, in the Live Listening category.

Updated on: 20/07/2019

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