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How to setup GPS location tracking?

SPYERA allows you to track GPS location from your web account.

We use two ways of form. The first mode is continuous. This is where the location of the device is continually uploaded to your online portal according to a timer.

The second mode, called on-demand, allows you to just get the current device location at a particular time and can help conserve device battery life.

How to view the device location data?
Inside your web account, go to Data > Locations to view the device location data.

In this section you can do four main things:

View historical GPS data on a map
Export GPS data
Turn GPS tracking on or off or change the GPS location timer
Get the current device location

1. View historical GPS data on a map
Inside your web account, you can view historical GPS data between any two dates you specify.
You can also animate the location movement of the device and see how the device traveled between the different locations.

From the locations menu, click the History tab.
From this menu, choose the start and end date for the GPS data you want to search for.
You will see the GPS results appear on the map, along with the co-ordinates.
If you click the Animate button, you can see also the path that the device took.

2. Export GPS data
You can also export the location data to use in your favorite mapping application - such as Google Earth. This allows you to get a deeper understanding of where the device has traveled to and from, as well as to understand the mind of the device owner better as well.

To do this, click the Export button.
Then, click the Download button on the dialog box that appears.
With the saved KML file, you can open up the location data in your favorite mapping application, such as Google Earth.

3. Turn GPS tracking on or off or change the GPS location timer
SPYERA captures GPS data from the device based on two factors.

Whether or not GPS tracking is enabled in SPYERA
The GPS timer

You must have the GPS tracking feature turned on inside your web account and GPS turned on for the device itself for SPYERA to capture GPS data and upload it to your web account.

To view or change these options, click GPS Tools.
From the dialog box that appears, click Start Location Tracking.
From this menu, you can turn GPS tracking on or off as well as set the GPS timer.

We have location tracking enabled and the GPS interval set to 20 minutes by default. That means that location data will be uploaded every 20 minutes to your web account as long as the target device has location tracking enabled on the device itself already.

GPS interval less than 20 minutes cause quick battery drain.

4. Get the Current Device Location on-demand
SPYERA also lets you get the current location of the target device on-demand. That means that you can get the location of the device anytime you wish, without having to wait for the software to upload location data according to the GPS timer.

To get the current device location, from the GPS Tools menu, click Get Current Location.
On the menu that appears, click Get Current Location Now.
The software will get the current location at that time from the device and upload it to your web account.

GPS accuracy depends on the method used to get GPS data used by whatever application you are wanting GPS data from. For example, if Google Maps is using assisted GPS then it would be more accurate than SPYERA if that was using triangulation. Factors that affect GPS accuracy include GPS signal strength, phone location (indoor vs outdoor), GPS positioning method used by phone and provider (assisted vs cell ID) and the GPS hardware inside the target phone itself.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the GPS positioning method used by our software. It just takes all the factors we mentioned in to account and gets the best location method based upon those.

Please note that SPYERA is capturing data that the target phone generates. If the phone GPS accuracy is not correct that is not related to SPYERA at all.

For any application, the best GPS results are gained if the phone is outdoors. It may be that some applications get a better satellite lock for more accurate GPS results, including our software, but the factors mentioned above also contribute to the accuracy.

Updated on: 12/11/2019

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