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How to set data delivery settings?

SPYERA operates on a timer system. It has three timers: an event capture timer (how frequently the data is uploaded by time), a number of events timer (how often data is uploaded by the number of events captured), and a GPS capture timer (how often GPS data is uploaded by time).

By default, the event timer is every hour, the number of events is set to 10, and the GPS timer is every thirty minutes.

This means you must wait at least one hour or until ten events have been captured on the target device before any data will be uploaded to the web account. It is not instantaneous.

Furthermore, regarding GPS, using the above timer examples means that you would get only two GPS events every hour.

You can set delivery time by following these steps.

HELP > Device Settings > Data Delivery >

Click on Change Application Settings to access the capture log and report timer settings.

At the top level, "Capture Events" can be enabled or disabled for all event types selected underneath it. This is an easy way to temporarily disable all log capturing.

Capture Events must be enabled (with a checkmark) before individual data logs can be enabled for capture.

With Capture Events already enabled, in the right column, click to enable IM capturing, and then put a check against each IM app you want to be captured and logged.

The lower area of the page contains settings for the Report Timer.

Event Count and Delivery Timer work together.

Event count: This is the count interval
Delivery timer: This is the time interval

If Event Count = 10
Delivery Timer = 1 hour
SPYERA will connect to the Internet and report new logs every 1 hour or every 10 new logs, whichever comes first.

Example Case 1
Target user makes 5 calls, 3 SMS, 1 location, and 1 website visit (Total 10)
SPYERA will connect and upload logs without waiting 1 hour

Example Case 2
Target user makes 1 call, 2 SMS (Total 5, so 10 events not reached yet, now SPYERA uses time interval)
SPYERA will wait 1 hour to upload logs.

We do not recommend this as it causes a quick battery drain.
If you want to receive all updates in real-time as soon as they are captured, set the Event Count to 1. However, frequent reporting will use more battery and Internet data for very active target devices.
For real-time monitoring, you need to set as below
Event count: 1 Event
Delivery timer: 1 Hour

In this case, SPYERA will upload every single event that happened.

Event count: 50 Event
Delivery timer : 3 Hours

SPYERA will connect every 3 hours and upload all capture logs, or will connect once it reaches each to 50 events. This is the best for protecting battery life.

Delivery Method can be set to "Any Available" or "Wi-Fi" only. Any Available will use 3G/4G cellular data, while Wi-Fi will store all captured events until the phone connects to the Internet via WiFi.

These settings may be changed at any time through your dashboard. Click the "Sync Now" button to save changes to the target device.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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