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How to set the recording source?

When it comes to call recording, every Android device has possible inputs to use to record the calls.
This means the software has different methods of recording and uploading a call for you.

Each input source is unique, so the call recording quality will differ. Because each Android device is also unique, what input source works for one device to allow for proper call recording (both sides) may not work on another Android device.

An audio source must be chosen for Call Recording to work. You can try any method available, but not all methods work equally on all devices. You can try a different method if you have problems recording both sides of the conversation.

Try changing the recording source and see which will work best for you. To change it, follow these steps:

Click Call Recording on the left side
Click Tools on upper right side
Click Set Audio Recording Source
Click Sync Now to send changes to the Target phone.

Allow up to 4 hours for changes to take effect for each recording source.

Essentially, you have to try each input source for recording on your target device and see which one gives you the best results.

Please understand that some Android devices cannot record both sides of the conversation. Some may not even record anything (just silence), so it is trial and error. Still, we really are just adding the option for you to now independently choose the input source to use for recording, which significantly increases the chances of a successful call recording instead of in the past when we only used one input source as standard, meaning calls were often not recorded meaning nothing was then uploaded.

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Updated on: 07/10/2023

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