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How to disable cross-site tracking?

You may get cross-site tracking error when you try to login to SPYERA web account from a Mac or an iPhone / iPad especially if you are in incognito mode.

You need to disable "Prevent cross-site tracking" option in Safari on your Mac or iOS devices.
Alternatively you can use "Opera Browser" to by pass cross-site error.
Please note that this issue is not related to SPYERA itself. It is a "browser version" based problem. Commonly, you may need to try another browser or even another device.
Please clear your browser history, close all the tabs and implement the steps below.

Here’s how:

For Mac

Launch Safari on your Mac
Go to Safari > Preferences from the menu bar
Click the Privacy tab
Check Prevent cross-site tracking

For Mac

For iOS Devices

Tap Settings
Tap Safari
Disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking"

For iOS Devices

Updated on: 18/06/2021

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