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Empty or missing phone call records

Once a call start, SPYERA checks the following before start recording

The phone's system status (Should not be in use)
The battery level (must be over 5%)
Empty memory space (must have over 10 MB)

If all checks are OK the recording feature will be activated and phone calls will be recorded.
This process takes 3-5 seconds. If the call is less than 3-5 seconds it will not be recorded at all.

If the checks are not OK, SPYERA will not try to record the phone call. As a result, you may have some missing call records.

SPYERA is a hidden app, and we want to keep it hidden.
Invisibility is our priority. So if the user attempts to use the phone while talking, SPYERA terminates recording to protect you from being discovered.

For example, if the ​target user navigates on the screen while talking (checking notes, calendar, phone book) SPYERA may terminate the recording process to avoid being discovered. This can lead to incomplete recording files. Incomplete records are empty files or files without any sound.

This is not a problem to be fixed. We designed SPYERA in this way. We don't want to force the device.
Too many processes at the same time may fail the device and the ​user may get suspicious.
Losing some files is much better than losing everything.

If all files are empty or no records for calls, your recording feature may not be enabled or configured correctly. Contact us in such cases.

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Updated on: 18/10/2019

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