This is a very complicated service! A lot of hardware and software involves.
Our server, target device, target user's network, user usage behaviors, GPS satellite, and other conditions...

If you cannot get new logs to your web account for a short period of time please do not be alarmed. Sometimes it is totally normal to get logs longer than usual. It might be a temporary issue.

If you cannot see new logs for the short period of time, follow this:

Log in to your web account and look at your dashboard.
In the Device Info area at the top, the Client Status will show "Connected" or "Disconnected".
Under this, it states the last time the device synced to the server.

Assuming the software is still installed, if the client status shows disconnected you can force a reconnect as easily as clicking the "ReSync" button seen here.

We recommend you to wait at least 24 hours. The most account in similar conditions starts to upload logs again within 24 hours.

During this time, we ask that customers simply remain patient and routinely check their web account for any new data. Once new data has been uploaded to the web account you can assume the issue has been resolved.

If you cannot see the new logs for longer than 24 hours and there is not a ReSync button or the last connection time is longer than 24 hours follow the step below:

There are several reasons for stop getting logs into your web account.

Target device may not be in use anymore
Target device has been changed with a new one
Target device does not have the internet connection anymore or temporary connection problem
Target device has been formatted
Target device updated to a new OS version

We recommend you to check last connection time and do not take any action if the last connection date is no longer than 2/3 days.

Follow these steps if the last connection time is longer than 2/3 days.

Take the target phone in your hand
Take your phone in your hand
From your phone send this SMS command below to target phone

You need to change "Your Activation Code" with your own activation code.
So it should be like this: <#2><1122334455><D>

You must use traditional SMS and NOT WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.

You will get "OK, command successfully" response if all goes well.

What it means: It means SPYERA is still installed and started to work again.
What to do: If you get the OK response, wait a few hours and check your web account again.

RESPONSE: No response
There is no response and the SMS command is visible on the target phone.
What it means: It means SPYERA is no longer on this device for the reasons listed above.
What to do: Delete the SMS command and re-install SPYERA

The new installation is totally the same as you did for the first time.
Just follow the steps on your user manual for a fresh installation.
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