Features very depend on target device OS version, model number, your settings, and the device configuration. In this article, we are listing the possible reason for each platform.

Android Devices

WhatsApp: You need to enable Large keyboard text (or Magnify keyboard text on some device) Go to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Accessibility, scroll down to Services and make sure Large keyboard text (or Magnify keyboard text) is enabled.

For Android OS 9, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Installed services and make sure Large keyboard text (or Magnify keyboard text) is enabled.

Other Missing Features: SPYERA can ben installed on rooted and also not-rooted phones.
However, we recommend rooted as some features will not work on not-rooted phones.

If you are running SPYERA on non-rooted Android, this might be the reason why some features are not available.

Check this article for rooting What is root and how to do it?

If your device is rooted already but some features are missing then check this article about running mode : What is A - B - C modes running on Android?

iPhone / iPad
Very rarely customer reporting missing capture logs on some IM Chat Apps.

If the target user updates their Chat applications to the latest version which is not supported yet then that could be the reason why it stopped capturing data.

We are working hard to make the latest version compatible and push a remote update as regularly as possible. ​

No missing features reported by customer yet for this platform.

The only missing features rarely reported by customers is URL history and Web Email Tracking.
This is happening when you don't complete all necessary steps for installing the ​Chrome extension.

On Windows, only the Chrome browser requires an extension to be manually installed. This cannot be done through the Chrome Web Store, it requires downloading and installing the extension manually.

Without Chrome extensions visited website history and web email tracking may not work.

Please check your HELP section Windows installation guide for Chrome extensions.
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