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How to find supported apps versions?

SPYERA captures a variety of the most popular IM chats. Supported apps may differ between platforms.

If the software is working and you do not get logs for some apps such as WhatsApp or Fac​ebook Messenger, then it is more likely that the target device updated those apps to the latest versions and SPYERA is not supporting them yet.

To check whether SPYERA supports those versions or not;

Firstly you need to update the installed app list and version info as it might be showing the old details.

Click App Activity data menu. Click Control Center on the LEFT MENU
Click "Get Installed Apps" icon on the upper right area of the page.
Wait until the software receives your request and update the list. It may take an hour.

Once you get the updated app details to your web account check the app versions

Now you need to compare App versions with the supported app list

Click HELP > Reference Manuals > Version History - Select Target Phone Model
Compare those versions with the supported app list.

If SPYERA does not support the app version, you should wait for the next SPYERA update which is released every 2-4 weeks. Once we release the update you will see the update icon flashing on the right side of your dashboard. Click Update icon and apply the update. SPYERA will push update remotely.

Updated on: 30/10/2022

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