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Empty or missing ambient records

Unfortunately, sometimes the recording may fail if the target device microphone cannot be accessed during the full duration of the ambient recording.

When you start a recording remotely, the target device should be in idle, which means it should not be in use. If the user is playing a game, or chatting or doing anything with the phone at that time, the recording will not start. This causes missing ambient record.

During the duration of the recording if the user attempts to use the phone SPYERA will terminate the recording to protect you from being discovered. This can lead to incomplete recording files. This causes an empty recording file. You may see a file on your web account but it will be without sound.

Digital assistant applications such as Google Assistant, Finder, Internet Browser, Bixby Voice, or etc. can cause the process to fail.

This is not a problem to be fixed. We designed SPYERA in this way. We don't want to force the device. Too may process at the same time may fail the device and the ​user may get suspicious. Losing some files is much better than losing everything.

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Bixby Errors on Samsung devices

If your target device is a Samsung running on Android 10 or above, Bixby might be the main reason for the failure of ambient recording. Here is what to do:

Open Settings
Go to the Apps (Installed Applications)
Find and tap to Bixby Voice App (do not tap Bixby Routines, Bixby Dictation, or any other add-on pack but the application itself).

Use search option in "Settings" and type there "bixby" if you couldn't manually find it.

To disable its notification in order to avoid from being detected somehow:

Disable all its notifications
Scroll down and find the "Appear on Top" option. Disable that too.

To completely disable the application:

Go back to the main Settings menu,
Go to the Apps (Installed Applications),
Tap the "Choose default Apps" on top of the menu,
Tap "Device Assistance app",
Tap "Digital Assistant app",
Choose "Google Assistant" or "None"

Updated on: 12/02/2022

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