You must Deactivate** the software from one phone and then install and Activate on the new phone. You may keep the software installed on the original phone if you believe you might Activate it again in the future, but we recommend uninstalling if possible. We officially state that you can move the software between any COMPATIBLE devices, anytime within the subscription period. That is, any model we officially support, within the same Operating System platform that you actually purchased the software for.

For example, we support and sell software for multiple platforms such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and iPhone. Whenever you order software, you must specifically order it for the type of system you will install it on. This is exactly the same as the difference between Mac and Windows. If you purchase software for a Macintosh computer, you may be able to install it onto another Macintosh running the same Operating System (provided you aren’t breaking the licensing agreement), but it should be obvious that it won’t run on a Windows PC. For that you would need to go back to the store and purchase the correct Windows version of the software, and they wouldn’t let you trade it six months after you purchased it. It’s an entirely different product for a completely different Operating System, even if it does the same thing on the other computer.

This is no difference with mobile phones, which are really just small computers with different Operating Systems. You cannot install software for a Windows Mobile device onto a Blackberry, but you might be able to move it between other Windows Mobile phones that can support it, etc. This has nothing to do with the software itself. Our policy remains open regarding this; that you can freely move the software version you actually purchased, and activate it between any COMPATIBLE device, as long as we officially support it on our list of COMPATIBLE PHONES from the web site. This is much more than many vendors offer, when they lock your license down to only a single device.

SMS Editition does not have device change option.

You must Deactivate** the software from one phone and then install and Activate on the new phone.
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